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magerit jewellery was made by jeweler Oleg Sazhnev Kiev. Stage of production

"Jewelry production using one work sample"

Production cycle stages hiding by their end result. How to make a complex picture of a jewelry puzzle.

Metal casting using a 3D polymer model

"Jewelry casting from 3D polymer"

High-quality casting from a 3D polymer model is a mystery wrapped in an individual enigma. Principles, cycles, and answers.

History of the Tanzanite gemstone and its price

"It is not a sapphire, but a TANZANITE"

Expensive silicate offered an exclusive spot while brightening up an exceptional piece of jewelry.

CAMEYA is a jewelry factory in Cherkasy with a large selection of gold chains

"The Art of chain-bending in manual and machine way"

Trip to the Cherkasy plant of the chain-bending giant

Зачем 3D моделирование в ювелирной промышленности

"3D Modelling in jewelry production"

What is a computer jewelry modeling? Progress or regression?

"Laser show in assembling jewelry"

Why is the latest technology of connecting elements of jewelry harmful in some cases?