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Sazhnev Jeweler Kiev

Tailor-Made Jewelry

Production of jewelry includes stages of manual work which we perform in the best way:

• Precious metals casting

• Sanding and assembling

• Stones setting

• Applying hot or cold enamel

• Mirror polishing

• Creating textured and rough surface in number of ways

• Metal coating with rhodium, silver, and gold

Design and 3D modeling

This is one of the stages of creating exclusive jewelry

Every jewelry idea is accompanied by a stage of artistic interpretation of the composition in combination with computer 3D modeling. The computer modeling stage is necessary not only to see the future jewelry in volume on the screen, but also for a high-tech 3D printer to create the future shape in a special material for further metal casting. It will takes us approximately 2-5 days to create a design of any your jewelry idea of any complexity. Our skilled artisans observe all the rules of artistic composition and technical details. The CAD/CAM software we use: Rhinoceros, ZBrush, 3Ds Max, Materialise Magics, KeyShot etc that provide 3D modeling of any image. These 3D images will give you a perfect idea of what the jewel will look like in reality. Contact us to get the piece of jewelry not only aesthetically attractive but also technically correct and balanced.

3D Printing

Modern 3D printing technologies allow to recreate a computer 3D model in wax

Almost every exclusive model or copy of jewelry can not be created without computer modeling and 3D printing. The material the 3D printer works with and reproduces the 3D model is perfectly suitable for jewelry casting of metal. We print the model in wax on several machines:
• Japanese milling machine is perfect for its tasks and provides the highest accuracy of cut-out contours of the model and its parts. The minimum dimensions of individual model objects can be cut with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.
• American 3D printer Solidscape is a high-tech device for layer-by-layer printing. It reproduces a wax model of any complexity and is also perfect for casting metal.
In addition to jewelry production, we provide 3D printing services to private jewelers. Please contact us directly for full guidance in the process.